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Whew. What an intense and productive week. Met lots of great poets and writers and immersed myself in the study of the poetic craft. I am glad to be home and vegging in my own recliner for a bit before unpacking, but as I reflect on all that happened the biggest thing that comes to mind is the quantum shift in where I place myself in terms of my writing. (read more…)

Day six of residency. Alarm clock failed to go off and I got off to a late start which turned out meaning that I would be stuck in traffic for over an hour. At some point, I realized I wasn’t going to make it to my first class so I settled back and did my best to make it as stress-free of a trip as I could. Consequently, I fell into a place of muse, not the writing muse but a deeper existential one. (read more…)

Here I am at the half way point. This is a day of meeting with mentors and relaxing. I have found myself a quiet location in the theater and am quietly playing Samuel Barber’s Adagio while contemplating all I have learned so far. Several of the seminars (especially “Music of the Free Verse Line” with Sharon Bryan) have been very helpful, but the most dramatic moments for me have come from off-hand comments that the professors have made. For example, it appears the work of a poet involves (read more…)

I am now just four days away from my first residency at Lesley. We already have pages on pages of poems and study material to read and annotate. I am a little overwhelmed but finding lots of new ideas and inspiration. One of the introductory concepts which has been presented in the before-session material is “reading like a writer”. (read more…)

”    I recently evolved into one of those increasingly common creatures, the Emerging Poet. (I sometimes wonder what it is we are emerging from: some warm and comfortable womb of creative ectoplasm? Or some deep dark crevasse of naiveté that has shielded us from harsh daylight of the literary business? Or both?) As an Emerging Poet, I now possess two things: a sheaf of poems that I am deeply invested in, and a desire to share these poems with the wider world.” (read more…)