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I have recently had the opportunity to read my work aloud at several readings in my areas as part of poetry month activities. I am a shy person and it is generally all I can do to focus on getting the words out, but this time I practiced my readings before hand and was pleased to discover the butterflies were much less pronounced. I was actually able to enjoy sharing my poems and experienced some interaction with the audience. It was good to move beyond the anxiety, but more important I discovered a dimension of poetry that I was not yet aware of. (read more…)

The news on the political front has been interesting of late, to say the least, and it has finally occurred to me that there seems to be a lot of confusion about what democracy is all about. Representative government is not a beauty contest, it is an expression of the fundamental (read more…)

Continuing the thought process about where poetry comes from and goes to. Writing, in general, exists on a continuum. At one end we have technical writing, dry and imaginative and affecting the logical thought centers. On the other end of the spectrum we have Jaberwocky, a poem that has nothing to offer the logical mind. (read more…)

My investigations so far have led me to investigate the source of poetry. Just as important for the poet, however, is what happens to a poem after it is written and published. Like one’s children they take on a life of their own, they end up going places and doing things we never imagined. A poem is a subtle thing, often with many possible meanings. How this opens up for the reader is as much a part of what the reader brings to the table (read more…)

The stereotypical poet is an intellect in isolation, an often tortured individual hidden away from the world tapping some deep internal space. From this flows the idea that good writing only happens when we are alone. I admit that my own struggle to write has been strongly influenced by this questionable concept. All that changed for me yesterday. (read more…)